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When it comes to relationships, your girlfriends know. Go on, ask the tough questions. Our all-female panel of bloggers, gurus and galpals has the answers.
  1. Where’s the best place to dump someone?
  2. Where’s the worst place to dump someone?
  3. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  4. Once you break up, how do you guarantee a man will never call you again?
  5. Do you it’s ok to break up with a man & then date his friend/brother?
  6. Is it possible to be friends after you break up?
  7. What’s the worst reason you were ever given when being dumped?
  8. After a bad break-up how long do you wait before dating again?
  9. What’s the best way to recover from a break up?
  10. Have you ever convinced a man to come back after a break up?
  11. Is there an EX you regret dumping? Why?
  12. After you break up with someone, how often do you think about them?
  13. What’s the biggest lie you have ever told to get out of a relationship?
  14. What are the warning signs you give/receive, that a break up is in the near future?
  15. Have you ever had someone else break up for you?
  16. Have you ever broken up with someone right after sex?
  17. Do you believe in post-break up sex? Does it ever make you want to get back together?
Because we know that if you’ve been heartbroken, you’re not alone. This site is a source of information… and validation. And, better yet, you’ll hear from others who’ve traveled the cold, confusing, or just plain crazy road of relationships past. We’ve all been through ‘em, and here you’ll find humor and help in other people’s stories.